Rush Inn Hotel - Ensuring superior guest service

Why guests choose Rush Inn Hotel, Dubai?

There are numerous reasons that make Rush Inn Hotel a favourite among travellers. First, we are located right in the heart of Dubai. Most business hubs and tourist attractions are just a walking distance away. The area is buzzing with activity and is the best place to stay if you’d like to experience the vivacious spirit of Dubai.

On the other hand, the interior of the hotel is designed to offer an ambience of absolute calm. Soothing wall colours, fine furnishing, mood lighting, and a quiet environment – all help our guests to unwind after a hectic day. What’s more, we offer the luxuries of high-end hotels at reasonable rates, ensuring greater value for our guests from their stay with us.

However, what has truly earned us the trust of guests, world over, is our commitment and passion for guest service. We completely personalise your experience with us. Our staff members pay attention to the smallest of details and attend to all your requests to make you feel at home.

Why Guests Choose Rush Inn