Amazing facts about Dubai


When people hear the word Dubai, the first thing which strikes the mind is the shopping festival and the cultural activities. Dubai city is developing day by day, it houses the world’s largest hotels and buildings. Check out some amazing facts about Dubai that are bound to surprise people.

  • Dubai is the safest city in the world as the crime rate across the city is very low. The law followed in Dubai is very strict and people living there have moral disciplines.

  • Residents of Dubai need not pay their personal tax so the personal income tax is always 0%. People can earn lot of money and save if they are at Dubai.

  • According to the population survey, only 10-15% of the population are Emiratis and the rest are foreigners mostly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

  • Dubai houses the world tallest building – Burj Khalifa which is about half a mile long and it consists of 160 residential floors.

  • Address system is not available in Dubai, they don’t have any particular zip code, no area code and no postal system.

  • People have seen ATM’s which dispense money but at Dubai the ATM machines can also dispense gold bars.

  • It took just 18months to complete the above ground metro station which was opened in 2009. The entire system was built in less than 2 years and it consists of 42 stations.

  • Dubai mall is the largest shopping mall in the world and consists of over 1,200 stores which includes all the famous brands and many designer stores.

  • The interior at Burj Al Arab is painted with 24 carat gold (approximately 1,790 sq. metres).

  • Only 6% of Dubai’s economy constitutes for oil sales. The local economy of Dubai is mainly based on real estate and tourism.

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