Places of Interest in Bur Dubai


Bastakia Quarter: Constructed in the 19th Century by Persians, this is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The monument depicts the architectural style of a bygone era and is open to visitors through the day. It also houses a museum and an art gallery that display paintings from across the globe.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding: A centre that exhibits the rich culture, customs, and traditions of the region. The institution follows a motto of ‘’Open Doors, Open Minds’’ and is welcoming of visitors who would love to understand the spirit of UAE.

 Meena Bazaar: The perfect destination for shopaholics, this modern-day flea market offers a range of souvenirs at affordable prices. Feel free to bargain your way through this busy market that deals with electronics, clothes, bags, and other accessories.

Old Souk: Based on the local term for ‘market’, this is a traditional market that sells everything antique. It includes several stalls that sell handicrafts, hand woven cloth and other antique souvenirs.

 Dolphin Bay: An enclosed Dolphin Habitat that is perfectly designed for families, the Dolphin Bay is a great place to watch these beautiful mammals, swim, perform and interact with visitors.

Dubai Museum: One of the oldest buildings in the city, the museum is housed inside Al Fahidi Fort which stands as an outstanding example of ancient architecture of the region. The museum was opened in 1971 and features an art gallery, artefacts and pearl jewelleries.

Burjuman Centre: The oldest shopping mall in Dubai, it is in Bur Dubai. The shopping mall houses a range of international brands, Vox Cinemas and Magic planet. Get your dose of entertainment and go on a shopping spree here.